Could Someone Give Me Info on the EdenPure Quartz Infrared Portable Heater. Does It Really Save You Money?

Could someone give me info on the EdenPure Quartz Infrared Portable Heater. Does it really save you money?
They claim that it saves up to 50% on the heating bill.

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Answer by Truth and Justice
NO it does not; I bought two as I believed their advertising BS. Put 1 each in key living areas and turned down central heating thermostat to 65 F. for rest of 2000 sq ft house. My electrical bill kwh was unchanged. Save your money, I wish I did.

Answer by lisetrise
Although I haven’t owned one of these, I CAN tell you that we experimented last winter with the oil filled radiator heaters…. and watched our electric bills take a nosedive! Plus, they don’t dry out the air, so we had less illness.
Best of all, they cost maybe -69 at Wal-Mart or a Home Improvement store (or you can probably find them online).

For more info on them and other energy saving ideas, see this page on the Top Ten Tips to Save Energy:

Hope this helps.

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