Is It Possible for a Space Heater to Cause a Tan?

Is it possible for a space heater to cause a tan?
Referring to a bio ceramic infrared imported space heater.

Someone said my skin is darker than usual and I noticed that the right side of my body (which faces the heater) is darker than my left.

Please only answer if you have knowledge/experience with bio ceramic infrared heaters. Thank you for your help.

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Answer by Alex
UV light creates a reaction in the skin and its pigment. Space heater use ifrared/ heat….wrong wave length.

You can only get burned, not tanned.

Answer by oh no it’s ashley
hmm… im not sure but thats very interesting. i will be checking back for answers!! good luck!

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Your fancy bio ceramic infrared imported space heater is BURNING you. UV rays is what causes your skin to “tan”. Your using infra red. But , then again, if that thing is tanning your right side, move the heater to the other side and get an even tan.



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